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Premium 100% Pure Wild Raw Honey - BUY 1 TAKE 1 + FREE SHIPPING
Premium 100% Pure Wild Raw Honey - BUY 1 TAKE 1 + FREE SHIPPING
Premium 100% Pure Wild Raw Honey - BUY 1 TAKE 1 + FREE SHIPPING
Premium 100% Pure Wild Raw Honey - BUY 1 TAKE 1 + FREE SHIPPING
Premium 100% Pure Wild Raw Honey - BUY 1 TAKE 1 + FREE SHIPPING

Premium 100% Pure Wild Raw Honey - BUY 1 TAKE 1 + FREE SHIPPING

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Our honey is pure and unadulterated. We have tested every batch of harvest and we back them up with a money-back guarantee.

How to test our honey:

Take a teaspoon of the honey and put in a glass full of water. Fake or adulterated honey will dissolve in the water while pure honey which has a more dense texture will settle right at the bottom of the glass as lumps.

Pure honey is inflammable. Take a dry matchstick and dip it in honey. Strike the matchstick against the matchbox. If it lights, your honey is pure. If it doesn't light, it may be adulterated and may also contain some amount of moisture added while contamination.

Pour some honey in a bowl filled with water and swirl it for a few seconds. If the honey is pure, you would see a honeycomb image/pattern on the honey.


All Benefits of Honey in a teaspoon:
• Weight management- Did you know you can use honey for weight loss ? A spoonful of honey taken with warm water in the morning is known to aid weight management.
• A healthy substitute to sugar.
• It is known to be a good source of energy as its natural sugar and carbohydrates can easily be digested by the body.
• Aids digestion.
• Ginger and Honey, is a natural cure for cough and throat irritation.
• Because of its moisturizing and nourishing properties, it keeps your skin clean and glowing.

Benefit from the goodness of honey with a daily dose of Farm PH Raw Honey and treat your mind, body and soul to a healthier lifestyle. Take your first step towards building your overall positive health with the many benefits of Honey today!
Find out all you need to know about Farm PH Honey - One of the Best Honey Brand in the Philippines today!

farm ph honeycomb

Raw and Wild!
Truly, wild honey takes on the flavor profile of whatever the bees have foraged on. 

Our honey doesn’t taste anything like that super-sweet concoction you purchase in the plastic bottles from the grocery store.

Our honey is 100% raw, never cooked, and never adulterated (we don't add anything to it). We solar sit our honey with the wax, propolis, and other local pollens, giving each batch of Farm PH Honey added medicinal value. You get it just the way the bees made it—delicious.

Like a fine wine, your first taste should direct you to what the bees foraged on, and then, in the back of your throat, detect the sweetness.

*Honey may vary in color depending on which apiary the hives are located at—all honey marked delicious!

You can literally help save the bees when you purchase a jar of Raw Honey. Profits from this item go to support the safe rescue, relocation, and rehabilitation of honey bees through our partnership with the local farmers and harvesters.


honey variety

This is a limited reserve honey, meaning we didn't push our bees to overproduce, nor did we blend this with some "other" bulk honey (like many other honey companies). This honey came straight out in a wild beehive and into the jar. 

Since we take such care in our process, we are only able to produce small runs of each honey profile. Once this honey is gone, it's gone. This honey will have a slightly different flavor profile every season and every time we pull it from the hive. But every time, you can bet—it'll be delicious.

At Farm PH, we make sure our honey is chemical free and all-natural. We maintain the integrity of our hives by assuring nearby farmers do not spray pesticides, so our bee colonies are never in danger.

We really like bees. That's why we practice "bee-approved" beekeeping and bee wrangling, then donate some of the profits from this honey to improve the environment where our hardworking honey bee colonies thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your honey from?
- All of our sources are located in Mindanao. We have 3 varieties in stock: light amber, amber and dark amber. Availability will be dependent on the harvest but we make sure all our harvest are thoroughly checked and tested before going through the bottling process.

Dark amber = Surallah, South Cotabato
Light amber = Surigao and Davao province
Amber = Palkan, Polomolok South Cotabato and Surigao

Type of Bees = Putyokan


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